Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'm not sure, but I think she is evil.

She sits in the parking lot, and calls me.
"come out and play!"
"work is boring, lets go to lunch!"
"I can SEE the Calaveras Reservoir hills from here! lets play"

So maybe I took an hour and a half for lunch. Maybe I went a little farther than neccessary. It's okay, I have caught up at the office. It IS a beautiful day....

Then I stopped for lunch. That's when the evil part came out.

I was getting ready to go, and she distinctly said:
"leave your jacket in the side bag. I'm big and strong, I will protect you, leave the jacket"

of course, I did no such thing. Roadrash due to lack of jacket only happens once. No, NO NO I must resist.

Put on helmet, jacket, gloves, saddle up, get on the highway to go back to work.

and I hear:
"i KNOW things. Let me show you!"
"you don't want that XR650 back, she is a wheelie slut, I can do that"
"the weather is great, lets go to Cabo San Lucas"
"I have gone faster, I know how to get off the hook from the cops, GAS IT"
"My last owner knew things, I learned most of them, c'mon, twist the grip!"
"mmmm, what a day, go get the blonde, lets go ride. Sara WANTS a ride"

while I am trying to commute back to the office.

I mean, these aren't bad things, they just are slightly bad.

"I mean it! SATAN WANTS A CHERRY POP! let's go to Sonic, c'mon......"

woo hooo. I LOVE this bike......

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