Wednesday, August 11, 2004

it has been a crazy few days. work is going insane, but am trying to keep it all together.

Monday Matthew took delivery of his Dodge Sprinter. Mine is supposed to arrive in 2 more weeks.

Yesterday our pal Flash was in town, so we went for a motorcycle ride out old Santa Cruz Highway, to a Thai restaurant in Soquel, for yummy yummy food.

On the way over, I took the Bullet into a corner way too hot. Scraped the footpegs (usual) but it sprung up, and straightened out, and forced me to the side of the road, where I accidentally gave Flash a demonstration of the offroad capabilities of the Royal Enfield Bullet.

I skid around the berm, fortunately there was dirt, the rearend came a little loose (the bike, not mine) and we took a quick little offroad excursion, got back on road, and had to shift down to regain power.

it was , uhhh, exciting? :)

Woke up this morning, called the hot tub water tonic guys, they have some solution to the enzymes they sell, and the white gritty spoo in our tub. Got voicemail, will get back to them

Rode over to meet Ed, a freind of Alan my realtor. Ed's father passed away (natural causes) a year or so back, and left Ed his Honda ST-1100 sport touring bike. Ed wants to sell it to a good home. I think I am a good home.

We will chat about money this afternoon.

It will fill a void, and be coolness. Large enough that it has luggage, and would be great for touring and camping, nimble and sporty enough to take on twistey roads, and looks like an old guy bike, so I do not need a sporty replacement for my hawk.

the downside? I don't have garage space, it may need to live in a cover outside.

the upside? good price.

the coolest? I can share it with Sara, who often wishes for a bike with saddlebags

will see where it goes.

I hope Alex at Fastline is finished with my XR soon, I need it. I miss it.

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