Monday, August 23, 2004

Okay, my cell phone is junk. I drop it all the time, it rarely rings, and when I answer it at home, I get dropped calls, lost signal, etc... Fortunately, I have Sara, else I would get a SMS Pretend Girlfreind!

My college pal Christos is in town this week from Greece. He and his girlfreind Caroline are visiting the west coast, and staying over. It's great fun to see him after all these years. Plus he pushes me to smile more.

We took bikes out into the hills on Saturday. But Sara could not go, she had to work, all weekend. :( but we ran up to Alices, out to the coast, back through Santa Cruz. The Thing is running like a champ, but she vibrated one of the hand protector screws out I'll fix that next week. She also seems to be weeping a little coolant, I will look into that as well.

Sunday Christos & Caroline went to SF to do tourism. Sara and I did too much yardwork, and I got all snotted up. it was ickorama. Came in, and got ready to make BBQ dinner. But the greeks were running late.

So, we have a maid service. Every other Monday, the maid lady comes and cleans the house. It is like, a 'help' we clean, but every other monday, there is a good cleaning, making our jobs easier.

BUT, every Sunday night before cleaning, we have the same stupid argument. Sara likes to clean up BEFORE the cleaning lady comes. And I don't. And we have a stupid argument. Like, I am standing back, saying things, and thinking, this is soo stupid. Why WHY WHY?

She went to bed early. I felt bad. Chris & Caroline got back from SF, we had steak, that made me feel MUCH better. I went to bed, and Sara still held my hand while we slept. You know, it may sound like nothing, but when she holds my hand while we sleep, it makes me feel like the king of the world. It is absolutely wonderful

It is what I live for.

back to work

“Sara likes to clean up BEFORE the cleaning lady comes. And I don't.”

Charles and I had a discussion about this and I explained that I don’t like to clean up, the cleaning service requests it. They don’t want to be messing with your junk, moving things around, pissing off customers cuz they put stuff in the wrong place, whatever, so they ask that you pick up stuff that isn’t where it should be. Just straighten up so they can clean.

Anyway, the funny part of it all was, I had been eating grapes prior to our tiff. There was a bowl with grapes in it sitting on the counter, and I got so mad at Charles cuz yes, we have the same stupid argument every night before the cleaners come and Why doesn’t he just get it?!? Why do I have to be mommy?!?!?! So, I’m all pissed off but at the same time realizing this is just ridiculous and I needed some way to vent my anger but I didn’t want to vent at Charles. Bowl of grapes on counter? Yep, hand shoots out, grabs a big hunk of them and blammo! There are exploding grapes on the hardwood floor and they’re scattering to the far reaches of the house. We have a long, narrow house, and the grapes have traveled from the kitchen, at one end of the house, into the guest bathroom, all down the hallway and as far as the back bedroom. Under area rugs, behind doors, grape-o-rama. I thought it was really funny, but I couldn’t laugh cuz I was mad! Grrrr! And I didn’t know what Charles thought of this, he didn’t make a peep during the Grape Wars, or during the Great Grape Cleanup. Just let me go my merry way. I felt much better after I created grape destruction and then as I cleaned it up. It was cathartic.

And yes, I then went to bed and felt just fine.
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