Monday, August 16, 2004

What I learned about Pocket Bikes trying to race one this weekend.

Race Track: in stockton. there is one more race next month

Bikes: I raced my CAG knockoff, till I gave up and sold it. Mine is the half fairing, I saw the full fairing full fairing model = $365

a) Sara raced our pal Tam's YSR-50, she looked great, and had fun. It was cool. I was acting mechanic.

b) Pocketbike Bike Model, they are CAG knockoffs. sometimes called Cagllari Daytona. Performance Parts available also, regular parts

c) Fuel Cap. If the bike runs, then dies, for no reason, then restarts okay, your fuel tank is not flowing enough. Remove the fuel cap, pull out the "check valve assembly" put it on a shelf, put fuel cap back on. This killed me on the first practice.

d) Pinion, the pinion (countershaft sprocket) is a weak link. in the second practice mine spun out of the bell housing (gear box)? I had to buy another bell housing with Pinion gear at the track. The chain also bent, had to buy another chain

e) chain, adjusting the tension is critical, if it is too tight, it will break, too loose, it will spin off. When you tichten the rear axle, the chain adjustment goes all to hell. Someone could make a bundle selling a good, machined, chain adjustment block. My chain broke in the third practice.

f) tire pressure. as a side note, they run 20 - 22psi in both tires, same pressure.

g) handlebars: should be straight out, 90degrees from bike (yes, will hit fairing) for max control.

So, Saturday night I cleaned everything, thought about it, and decided to unload. Sold the bike to a guy for what we bought them for. Figuring the $40 I lost in parts costs was the price of learning about pocket bikes.

The guy who bought it from me found 2 more things:
he broke the Pull start, by pulling too hard. be gentle.

he broke the rear wheel bearings, they need to be greased, soon, and often. If I kept my bike, I would pull the bearings, and go to a bearing warehouse, and try to replace them with a quality sealed unit.

Final notes:
I really had fun, and definitely got my money's worth out of the bike
If you are going to play, they are great bikes, and lots of fun
if you are going to seriously race pocketbikes, buy a Blata, Polini, or euro bike, the Cag take too much work

If you want to have more fun, and have a big budget, buy a Derbi 50 Super Motard, and race that in the mini bike classes. Or a Yamaha TTR-125-L so you can race, as well as go dirt riding.

It was a fun weekend, I spent time with my sweetheart, I got sunburned, I smell like 2stroke oil, and no one broke any bones.

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