Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I got home yesterday and rode my bicycle. (course, mine is a 2000 model, in red) . YAY! My pal Jeff Lim hollered at me to get off my ass and start excercising. He just went through RPLND for his cancer, so he can yell at me. Rode around the block, and realized I am an old, fat man, and I need a "layback" seatpost, to get me further away from the pedals. The problem is no-one makes a layback seatpost for a 26.0 frame tube. I will work on this later today.

Yesterday both Greg and Flash sent me the same link about some kid speeding on a motorcycle in Minnesota. I am guessing he was on a modified Hayabusa.

Anyhow, this goober was clocked at 205 by a cop in a plane with a stopwatch. Wow! 205. estimated. The officer is not taking into account personal lag times, when he hits the stopwatch button. I am guessing the officer was all excited, and premature. I bet the guy was only going 198. :)

Anyhow, it spurred me to think about when men were men, and fast meant something. It reminded me of Rollie Free. A REALLY fast motorcyclist on a Vincent Black Shadow. One of the coolest bikes ever.

Well, that's all for now. Peer called last night, either we are gonna ride to Feather River Canyon in north CA on saturday, or I am going to put insulation under the house.

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