Thursday, September 02, 2004

I need to poop. it doesn't happen very often, as Miss Pretty Thing(tm) says, "you have the constitution of a Chihuahua, you poop every 10 minutes"

but for some reason, today,..... oh well.... On to fun stuff.

The Sprinter is in South Carolina, and should be here next week. I have not put a down payment on it, but have "first right of refusal" meaning they guy calls me when it arrives, and I decide how bad I want it. My plan is to buy the cargo version. Build a bulkhead but with a sliding door in the center. Put in some seating that can convert to beds? An insulation kit for heat and quiet. Wood Dash Kit, you know, Bling. Full Wrap Nudge bar in stainless. Deflectors. and of course, the Mercedes grill emblems and hubcaps,l to convert back to mercedes from Dodge.

My thought is that i can build a cabin in front, for daily driving, comfort, and camping, then carry bikes, cargo, etc, in back. AND, be getting 30+mpg? while in the BIGGEST minivan ever made? That runs easy 100mph? OH I am getting escited just thinking about it.

The LLROL is getting sicker and slower. AC still works, but she pees oil from every seal, the rear wheel antilock brake computer has not mystically fixed itself, and they Bay Area roads are so incredibly bad, that I think i should take it for a drive to loosen my blockage.

Still have not looked at gun safes, have not had time, have been busy as all Hades

Tuesday Sara gets Lasik, hopefully she will see me Tuesday night. She’s been working a lot, like crazy lately, and it is catching up to her. I hope we spend this weekend doing NOTHING and relaxing.

Anyone know anything about Mutual Funds? I gotta diversify some of my Cisco Stocks, and I do not know where to go with them. Any suggestions appreciated.

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