Monday, September 27, 2004

nice weekend, did not get all the things done I wanted, but nice.

Saturday got the suspension off the Thing, all components will go to Phil at Aftershocks tomorrow for re-work. Rode in the afternoon, went to Todai Sushi Saturday dinner, then went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. If you got some extra cash, this one is worth full price.

Sure it's all blue screen, but it is just amazing. totally world of tomorrow

sunday? still did not work on house.

Today? got the call. My Sprinter is IN! I went to Hartzheim Dodge, one of the only 2 dealers licensed to sell Sprinters in CA. Will in fleet sales had most of the paperwork ready, we filled in the rest. Tomorrow I bring them a cashiers check for the downpayment, and my insurance papers, and drive home in my white 140 hi-top sprinter. Woo HOO

After spending Sunday working with Matt on his, I have decided to look for a fabricator to build the bulkhead in mine.

more as it develops

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