Wednesday, September 22, 2004

So about a million years ago, in Austin, my ex wife made me leave my comfortable job at the political consulting firm, and try harder to make money.

I worked for a while with my pal Chris Null at a company called Surface Mount Taping, trying to develop an IT department in an underfunded environment. All I really remember was calling the place Surface Mount Aping, the CFO was scared when I wore baseball hats, a tall girl thought Chris was handsome, there was a crazed female engineer who grabbed my satchel every time I walked by, and Chris and I had Sprite and Twix bars for breakfast every day.

That job dissapeared as I was offered a position at Motorola. Where I met some wonderful guys, but was a contractor, servicing Macs. It ended, and I went to work with a guy named Randall Dennis at Macintosh Magic. A small shop that did freelance mac support.

Well, we were both strong personalities, and it did not work out in the long run, but an amiciable parting, that led me right back into motorola.

Today I found out Randall 'took his own life' about 6 weeks ago, and they are selling off his shop as an estate sale. If you are in Austin and need historic mac parts, here's the link.

Randall, r.i.p. Sorry you could not chase those inner demons.

In other news, Russ Meyer also died. I think he led a more ful and satisfying life.

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