Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Take it Back.

The good guys at Verizon were asleep this morning, and hung over, and willing to help me out. They took back the Motorola V710 I tried to buy yesterday, as it gets NO signal at my house. They also reset my account to ZERO, so I do not have current account, and can go month-month.

Fortunately, my pal Chris Null edits Mobile PC magazine, and they are doing a phone roundup for next month's issue. I should have ideas by then.

AND. There's a burger joint out here called Carl's Junior. (note their distinctive logo in the upper left corner, a smiling star) I cannot eat there. Just as I was leaving Texas, a pal of mine told me about Hot Carl, which is a disgusting deviate sex practice. After I heard that, and saw Carl's Jr., I knew I could never go there. Well, someone has made a Tee Shirt about it.

Sorry mom, had to post it, sick but funny.

Finally, I have decided to be happy at work. No matter what. The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful, and I am just gonna be happy. Happy to be alive, happy to be here, just happy. Pardon me, I am gonna go be happy.

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