Monday, October 25, 2004

Friday we went to see the midnight showing of Donnie Darko, it was swell to get out with pals, and Sara was brilliant to organize.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the RoadRider motorcycle parking lot sale, I got some goggles, spare handlebars, etc... Then went to help my pal Julia move. I love Julz and Mark, they bought a cool new home. Let's be Brutally Honest. They own way too much crap. It inspired me to try to pare down more of my possessions. If you own enough stuff that you cannot move it all yourself, you need to hire movers, or have less stuff.

I believe, in general, we keep too much stuff. Tools I understand, but everything else, well, heck, I do not need a closet SO full of clothes I never wear,.... you get the idea.

Saturday evening, back to RoadRider and Sara bought a cool Tecknic jacket. It fits her better than her other jacket, and will give her more choice. I think they only make one pant that goes with it.

BUT WAIT! You just said you own too much crap. Motorcycle gear is like a tool. You need a few choices. This, I understand. It's like a wierd existential joke.

Matt was with us, we stopped at Grocery Outlet on Curtner/Tully & Monterrey. They sell wildly discounted groceries, and had an amazing cheese selection. As well as a million cases of Treet. A Spam alternative..... Too Bad they do not have Smeat, which I only saw once on a boy scout camp trip

Dinner at Tlaquepaque in the hood, some drinks, back to Matts where we somehow saw "Brawlin Broads" video his brother Dan had, then home

Sunday morning ride to Uvas Dam, Mt. Madonna, and all around these hills I do not know, in the rain and fog. It was fun. YAY.

Sunday afternoon I helped Sara's boss, who is new to riding, change brake pads on his bike, then cleaned my bike, then cleaned me, then took a nap

Woo hoo!

Got to work today, and someone sent me this link that is a video of how to do a pelvic exam. If you are a guy, and have no clue what is goin on down there with girls, this will teach you everything you never wanted to know. BTW, I could only make it about 4 minutes in before I got queasy and thought I was gonna barf.

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