Monday, November 22, 2004

the holidays suck. It's just a consumer fest, mashed up to make me spend what money I don't have.

I read a brilliant commentary on it. If you don't want to read it, here is the main point for me:
"Go buy one of each and hand them out to whomever you see first. Then go buy more. Repeat until you have no more money. It’s the right thing to do."
This sums it up for me. Spend till you are broke. then blow out your credit cards.

Last year I was sick, and I had a good idea. Shaft birthdays. Blow off holidays. Gove people gifts on NOT holidays. When they are not expecting it. Little things, that lets them know you REALLY like them, not just "oh, I gotta buy"

With that said, I foind the perfect gift for my folks, and Sara's folks. Everyone else, sorry, I dunno what I am gonna do. I am broke like a joke, and need to pay off the Sprinter.

Anyhow, the one ONLY cool thing is, I just read this hilarious review of some lady's book about being Jewish.

and this is the line I really liked:
"We get to light menorah candles. Which means we get to play with fire. Sure, throwing tinsel on a tree is fun, but it's just not FIRE."

I like playing with fire!

I have no idea why I found this link, but it is mildly entertaining. Sure, it's not about Ninjas, but then again... I thnk the creator may have some issues. Maybe he did not get to play with FIRE

Did you know the government is tracking your color laser prints?

Dang, so you mean to say the government is going to find out it's me who's been filling the world with those big glossy print outs of donuts and pies that i've been making at work? Oh me oh my! What next, the fall of democracy?!?! Oh, sorry, that already happened...
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