Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It could be worse. I just don't know how people do this stuff. Oh, Sara's doc sez she will be fine, it is NOT the Bird Flu.

Anyhow, I was grumbling and grousing about the holidays, when I tripped over this most excellent concept of how to handle the shopping malls.

I am not shopping, BTW, do not send me gifts, do not expect gifts. Unless you are my parents, or I am sleeping with you, no gifts. Instead, do something nice for someone for a change, and think about me while you are being nice.

OH, and I forgot about Matt's latest scheme. I like it.

Please copy, forward or spread this letter as you see fit:

There is a group of like minded motorcyclists that have come up with a plan to send a motorcycle
"short track race care package"
to our troops in Iraq. The idea is to send over a pair of Honda
, flags, and an assortment of other race oriented equipment (cones, banners, gear, chemicals, etc.)

We already have the backing of a couple of local businesses. This is not some tax-deductible-non-profit.
This is just some hair
brained scheme dreamt up by a bunch of hooligan racers to bring a ton of smiles
to some of our Heroes. So, before anyone else
says it- yes, it is a dumb idea. Don't you love it?

Anyone interested in help out through donations of materials or cash, should contact me. I already
have two bikes lined
up to go. I figured we could get a web site set up to post photos of the silliness
for all to enjoy.

If you just want to send pay pal direct, or contact me for donations, use this
e-mail address:

Big thanks thus far to: Motion Pro, Marty Mfg., Kalogeras Engineering, Mark Foster and
several others that want to
remain anonymous.

Matthew Buck

(Matt is the CCS Southwest Lightweight Expert Class Champion scroll down for result.
He is also a pal of mine)

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