Monday, November 22, 2004

just reminded of a quick story, had to relay

reminds me of a similar story and an old clapped out GS450 I used to have. riding home from work, she sputters and dies. Light rainshower. I pull over, whip out my tools and commence the drill:

Plugs are great, strong spark, will not start

Carbs are fine, no sticking floats, will not start

Fuel filter is clean, will not start

Pull the covers, and check the valves, nothing is wrong, will not start

I am about to start on the head to see if I holed a piston, when some farmer in a truck drives by. Does not stop, mind you, but drives by and hollers "hey, run outta gas hippie?" waves, forgets to use ALL fingers, and drives away.

I stand there, a little irritated, very wet, scratching my head, reach down, turn the fuel petcock to reserve. hit the button, she putters, starts right up.

Heckfire and Dalmations!

sometimes you get so mechanical you forget the simplest things.....

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