Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Last night was the Monday Night Ride. I have been craving Artichoke & Green Chile soup from Duarte's in Pescadero. Oh, YUMMMY. So we met, we rode, I ate. It was a cold ride, dark, but fun.

Then this morning, one of the guys who did not make the dinner posted some political thing on the monday night ride list. Of course I ranted and raved about how Politics has no place, blah blah blah.

It started out innocently>>>
> Yeah, I have a comment,  thanks for wasting all the

> bandwidth with a very large, very off-topic email.
> missed you at the ride last night. What ride? You
> know, the reason for this mailing list.
> i'm very tired of political spam & crap, please don't
> forward it to this forum?
then a bunch of folks emailed "I'm with Charles" and stuff like that. Till Antonio posted this link, innocently about a girl biker.

I was pretty excited, biker chick and all, till I seen the bible verse.

that made me sad.

Because it reminded me of Denise Matthews, who is a bold, saved again televangelist living in Fremont, CA.

but when I was young and hip, in 1982, she was known as ..... VANITY! lead singer for Vanity 6! A girl group put together by the Artist formerly known as Prince, who is now known as Prince again, cause no one could spell the stupid heiroglyphic that he chose as a name.

that's right, she was a sassy, tough, strutter, who posed in her drawers for the album cover.

Lyrics? oh yeah, nasty.

>>> That’s right, I can’t control it
>>> I need 7 inches or more
>>> Tonight I can no longer hold it
>>> Get it up, get it up, I can’t wait anymore

of course, their competition was the "Mary Jane Girls" yes, I also had their album.

well, that's enough 80's trivia, back to the point.

Vanity? ruined by Religion
Biker Chick from Antonio? Ruined by Religion

Religion and politics are bad. they discourage girls from running around acting all trampy and wearing their drawers in public.

Down with Religion and Politics! Up with barely legal biker sluts from hell.

Sweet links! Thanks for that 80's ed I thought it was only Wham and Ah-Ha :-)
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