Saturday, November 06, 2004

Last night, we was at Ariake Sushi, on Blossom Hill Road. It's a nice joint, they have a floating sushi boat bar, but also tables. The prices are very reasonable, and we go there enough they kinda recognize us.

Anyhow, Sara mentioned that she now understands why I got so irritated and did not talk "politics" before the election. (which, btw, I ranted on a bit AFTER the election)

I'm still not really sure which part she understands, but she is right. After all the years working for the senate, VP campaign, then political consulting firms, I am a little too informed. I dislike politics, and I really dislike all the furor and hub-bub generated a few weeks before and after the election.

All of a sudden, EVERYBODY has an opinion, and they want to argue about it. Have you noticed, you usually hear people talk about "arguing politics" instead of "oeacefully discussing politics"there is a reason. It's Polar. It's black and white. It's yes or No, and why don't you do it MY way.

My paternal grandmother Manya (msrip) told me "I came to the US a long time ago. I have seen Democrats in office, I have seen Republicans in office. You know what? It still takes an honest person an hour of labor to buy a loaf of bread"

That stuck with me. In the grand scheme of things, it isn't really gonna make that much difference. Don't alienate your family and friends over it. Cause they are all you got.

Taxes go up, they never really go down.
Someone has to fix the roads.
You know who is really in power?

the silent fourth branch of government. The paper-pushing, entrenched, mid-level managers who carry out all these programs.

Why am I 'off' to politics?

Alex Rhodes.

When I worked for the political consultancy, we had a really great candidate for state rep. He was on the school board. He cared about his community. He had enough money to raise money. He had goals and ideals. We got him elected. He got in office, and he was stonewalled. Blocked.

He was a junior member of the house of representatives, and he could go to meetings and vote, but nothing really BIG happened.

And soon, well, you know, there's a little money if you vote this way. We'll contribute to your re-election campaign if you vote that way......after 4 years, he was just another cog in the machine.

A young upstart with a crapload of money knocked him out of office, and now freely sells favors.

Alex went back to running his small business, and does some consulting, and is back to being a damn wonderful guy.

I doubt he'd run again if he knew what all was involved.

Why is someone willing to spend $550 million (in 1992 campaign) for a job that pays a heck of a lot less?it's crazy.

Anyhow, I hate talking politics, because I feel people argue over issues they only slightly understand, and it polarizes the nation, states, communities, freinds and families.

I wrote this a while back, it remains true today. Family and Friends, not politics.

Divorce taught me all I really had or needed in my life was my friends and family, everything else was just things, stuff that could be replaced.

Cancer taught me how valuable my friends and family are, and how much I need them.

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