Thursday, November 25, 2004

Photos of the Sprinter Conversion are up!

So, I own an '04 140 white high top cargo Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter.

using it as my daily driver. I had a cabin built in, with cargo area in back to transport motorcycles to the race track. Did I mention really getting 25mpg? (not the claimed 32, but still, 25 is great)

already finished:
rear 'dinette' box seats with storage under lid/cushions
overhead cabinetry
rear 6x9 speakers
window shields? Raingutters, not sure what they are called
Tinted windows
Mercedes Conversion decal, grille, wheelcaps
Swivel Passenger Seat

Planned Improvements (next few paychecks)
Trailer Hitch & Wiring Harness
Cd/MP3/external plugin source stereo with fader
removeable motorcycle wheel chocks in cargo area
rear door ladder
wood dash kit
folding aluminium shelves in cargo area
bicycle mounts on rear walls/roof
floor & wall mounted racks for toolboxes & fuel cans for racing
black magnetic vinyl sheeting to cut out large cow spots for exterior decor
rear nudge bar
rear insulation
possible rear roof vent
front grille guard/push bar
driving lights on grille guard
investigate 'ground effects' for streamlining (which will require neon)
over sliding door roll out awning for @ races
under body storage bin for fodling motorcycle ramp & astroturf

You forgot the stripper poll.
We've already proved you can dance in the back while the van is en route, just need to spice it up a bit.
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