Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesday morning, I am hung over and disturbed. Last night was Taco Tuesday at Tlaquepaque. I only had 2 Super Chevalis. But it was enough to set my head on sideways, and make me feel really queasy this morning.

So I start rummaging around my email inbox, and I come across an email from an organization I did not actually know existed. And now, I kinda wish I could go back in time a few minutes and still not know they exist.

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearm Ownership

uhhh.... I mean, I AM a red sea pedestrian. and I do own firearms A lot of them, actually. And I likes my guns. but, there is something about this site that makes me feel soiled.

I even like the fact that in their FAQ, first thing they say is :
Question: I'm not Jewish. Can I join JPFO?
Yes! The only membership requirement is that you support all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens!

and I'm all for supporting bill of rights for all citizens. But I am more for the Schoolhouse Rock Bill, you know, who sings and dances, and doesn't neccesarily sing and dance while holding a gun, like Brasco the Bear.

Grandpa Jack explains the myth of gun control? My grandpa was named Saul, and he never talked to me about guns. My pal Bill Matsler's grandpa was named Red, he had a ranch in Llano, and he told me Gun Control means being able to hit your target from a long way away, first shot, accounting for windage and elevation. I dunno know Grandpa Jack.

Jews for Presere.... (JPFO for short, their name is too long) are based in Wisconsin. I have BEEN to Wisconsin, and I did not see any jews there. Lots of healthy, tall, blonde, hard working honest people, but none of my homies. Maybe, that's why the jews in Wisconsin want firearms, I dunno.

I do like the "Dial 911 and DIE" cover...

But Brasco the Liberty Bear? They sell greeting cards with a freakin gun toting BEAR on them.

I just don't know, something about it smells fishy. I feel soiled. I need to take a nap and let it all go away.

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