Sunday, November 07, 2004

went to the International Mototcycle Show in San Mateo/San Francisco yesterday.

saw all sorts of cool stuff. new bikes, new gear, old bikes, the BALL of DEATH riders, it was a lot of fun.

it's this cool 14 foot steel cage, and they have 3 riders at once in it. Even cooler, it's the Landers family, that I used to roadrace with when they were kids in Texas.

but if you get a chance, if it is coming to a city by you, it was a good show this year.

thne we went to some mexican food place for dinner, rode home in the cold, and sat around in the hot tub and had drinks.

This morning I went for a ride with Jack & Dale, but we got pulled over on the way up, and I got a ticket for 75 in a 55. I don't think I can take defensive driving, or traffic school as they call it out here, so I may have to go meet a judge. BOO

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