Saturday, January 15, 2005

Friday morning I went in for a PET scan. This is regular, routine, etc. but still painful.

At 9:15am the technician walks into a room with a small ice chest. Opens the seal on the chest, then opens the chest. it is lined with lead. Pulls out a small lead box from the center of the chest, breaks the seal on it. Lead. Inside the small box is a syringe. Well, sort of. It is about 2 inches in diameter, 5 inches long. Made of? Stainless Steel encased Lead.

The Tech then runs an IV in my arm, just saline, but with a lead Y joint and take off pipe.

Then back to the stainless case of lead. this screws into the lead take off pipe.

Then injects the Radioactive sugars solution into my arm. I can feel it go in, cold at first, then warms up to about the burn of chemo.

I sit motionless for 45 minutes while the radioactive sugars are absorbed in my bloodstream. I can actually feel it hitting different parts of my body, the veins warm up when it enters them.

After 45 minutes, I am allowed to go to the bathroom, (my urine is blue and burns) then onto the table.

The examination machine is a standard CAT scan, like a bed, with a big metal doughnut you are slid through.

However, in a cat scan, you make one pass, 15 seconds, and are done.

PET is measuring the dissipation of the radioactive sugars through your system. For about 1 hour, 45 minutes, the computer controlled bed passes in and out of the metal doughnut about 15 times, but measures you incrementally, each time. You are strapped down, and cannot move.

at all

it is kind of wierd and scary and irritating all at once. HOWEVER you are alive, so it is okay.

All the rest of Friday I felt like someone beat me. Every joint hurt, every movement was itchy.

And my pee was blue and burning till this morning.

Wahoo? I am alive though!

This morning sar and I went car shopping. She is looking at the Subarus. Sara is a very meticulous shopper. she likes to look at every possible choice, at every possible detail, etc. etc. till I go crazy and want to strangle myself.

I think she may have found a 2005 Subaru Legacy 4 doow hatchback sport something in a silver, for a good price.

So we went to have lunch, then went home. She wants to go to another dealer, and look at every possible car they have, and I just cannot take this. Now, this is NOT Sara, just my projections about how men & women shop differently for cars.

Car Shopping for men: find what you want, buy it. Pay $20k, drive home

Car Shopping for women: look at everypossible make and model, evaluate pros & cons, shop for price, find what you want, agonize for 3 days, the look again at 2 other dealerships to make sure, then check all possible prices, then inquire about possible color match, then discuss out of state possibilities, then consider an entirely different car, then take your significant other to the hospital to have them treat the aneurism from his brain exploding from having to wait for all this crap, then go back to the salesman, and discuss the possibilities of an extended warranty, and then pay $19,999 drive home and talk about how much you saved.

Anyhow, Sara will get a wonderful car, and be very happy about it, and I hope she has fun shopping.

Me? I cleaned up the BSA and took photos.

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