Tuesday, January 18, 2005

So I was reading the web this morning, and ran across a Post on "Boing Boing" One of my favorite sites. The Author was talking about victorian era films, and had a photo of the "Man in the Moon" shot from Le Voyage Dans La Lune with rocket lodged firmly in the moon's eye. (link also has link to buy the film)

He mentioned wondering how to view some of these, and I was instantly swept back in a whirlwind, to being a kid.

My dad was into film, and would buy prints of vintage films for super-8. Some nights, he'd set up a screen in the living room, mom would make popcorn, and we'd all sit on the floor in the living room and watch super-8 films, Buster Keaton, Voyage to the Moon, Chaplin, it was great fun.

As I remember it.

Who the hell is gonna remember sitting around and watching DVDs?

My pop still has loads of home-shot Super 8 of us growing up. I keep wondering how to get it digitized. There is an exceptional bit of footage of me imitating Mark Spitz, I must have been about 9.

hmmm. Anyone know a cheap digitizing service?

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