Monday, January 03, 2005

Taser Death, again.

I've posted about this before, last night there was ANOTHER death due to police officers using Tasers. A Pacifica man was killed by police last night.

Amnesty Internationa
l has come out against Tasers, and I have to agree with them. Tasers are bad.

One of my best pals in the world, Jim Learmonth, has joined the Austin Police. And I have mixed feelings. I want Jimmy to be safe. But I don't want him to use Tasers.

I hate the thought of cops feeling they have a "safe" weapon. The temptation to tase as a way to control is too easy. Get scared? WHACK HIM AGAIN! A 14 year old boy? If 2 cops cannot subdue a 14 year old, they need a new career. Burger King is Hiring.

What's next? tasering guy in a wheelchair? Oh, already done it in Miami. No, Pregnant women too? How about 12 year old girls? Taser Deaths are on the rise.

I don't like cops. They have made my life difficult. They have not helped me. On most occasions, they have tried to bully & intimidate me. They hate motorcyclists, they hate freedom, they hate nonconformity.

I remember riding my vintage RD350 from Austin to Dallas to visit Grandma in 1989. Pulled over in Hillsboro. Cop told me it was illegal to ride with a broken taillight. I did not have a broken taillight before I got to Hillsboro. I ended up in jail overnight, sore ribs from a nice beating, overturned my bike & letf it in a ditch with broken headlight & taillight. Hell, I didn't even have long hair then.

IN 99 we moved to the Florence Ranch, I was riding through Georgetown, transporting bikes to thye new ranch, got pulled over by Williamson County Sheriff's deputy, tossed on ground, in fire ant bed, cop's boot between my shoulder blades while they called in my license, detained me, face down, on the hot pavement, face in an ant bed for 20 minutes, then let me go when I came up "clean".

If those fuckers had a taser then, I'd have been whacked for sure.

As far as I am concerned, giving cops tasers is a license to abuse. If anyone out there is listening, please, take action. tell your local city council that tasers are bad, DO NOT THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA.

Fight Police Abuse.

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