Friday, February 25, 2005

Atkins report. Though I have much temptation, (thanks Matt, Super Chevalis Pusher) I have ONE WILL! I am strong. I am resisting. I am only using my bathroom scale, which is probably not too accurate, but I am hoping consistent. Sunday evening it showed me at 184. This morning read 176. And my pants are a little looser at the waist.

2 weeks & 2 days left.

Goal - 165 extreme goal - 155 with weight training and walking, increased cardio & aerobic.

Now on to fun stuff.

Sara is a minimalist. She does not like having "junk" around the house. Me? I likes my junk! Toys are where it's at. And tools. lots of tools in the garage. However, I realized, I have too much Junk. Last night, I bought 2 rubbermaid plastic storage tubs. My clothes currently reside in my closet, in my dresser, and in some wire rack boxes stacked on the floor of my room. I went through my dresser (the one Grandma Manya bought me when I was born).

I started with the bottom drawer, and picked out pairs of shorts I actually wear. Neatly folded them, and put them in the drawer. I put all the rest of the shorts and my sweaters that were in there, and put em in one of the tubs.

Next drawer was pants. I picked 4 pair of jeans I regularly wear, and a few pair of "lounge pants" (that's pajamas to all ya'll in Texas" and put em in the dresser. I took all the jeans I cannot fit in, and the tshirts from in that drawer, and into the tub!

Third Drawer? T Shirts. I picked my 5 favorite white shirts, 5 favorite black shirts, and 5 nasty old house/shop work shirts. Folded them, put them in the drawer. Everything else? In the tubs!

4th drawer is socks and drawers. I have not done anything there, but plan on buying 6 new pair of white socks this weekend. Clearing out all the socks with holes in them, and making it so.

Packed both tubs, put them at the foot of the bed.

Took the wire crates out to the garage and stacked them on my workbench shelf. They cover the window in the garage a little, but it is rarely open, and they are wire, so light still comes in.

My room looks bigger, emptier, more tidy. Maybe this weekend, I will do same in closet, and go through the tubs, figure what needs to go to goodwill, and unload some.

But I hate getting rid of books. Books are life. As this family knows!

I hope to do same in garage, getting rid of more junk.

No matter what Sara says, My house is not a messy as this guy!

I still regret selling my MicroNauts collection on Ebay to help finance the move to California! But they did bring a bunch of cash.

Tonight? INcome Taxes!

Tomorrow morning? BSA new tires!

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