Friday, February 18, 2005

Sara's folks sent me an email about a giant catfish some guy pulled up in Texas

The State Parks System even has info on their website about it:

It reminded me of summers spent at working at the Boy Scout Camp on Lake Murvaul. Almost every summer one of the park rangers would pull a 90-100 lb cat out Really big. Really ugly.

I saw where I could buy 80 ft of lakefront property with a trailer house for a little more than I paid for my truck. But I don't think Sara is big into fishin, and not only is it on the 'disreputable' side of the lake, it IS in the middle of nowhere.

then that set me to thinking about property in rural Texas.

12 acres outside of Tyler, 1/2 the price of the place in San Jose

23 acres outside Brownsboro, (which is an armpit, I always get tickets there) same, 1/2 price

112 acres "grand dame" house, whatever that means, for about what we paid out here?

Hallsville. 30 acres, + 30 more? and it's by a dragstrip!

Private lake, 350k We could live on Lake Sara!

dang, catfish to buyin a retirement. nah. no lakes for me. just work.

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