Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So sunday, me feet are killing me. I mean, I have cramps like rocks, and can barely walk.

I call my oncologist (after cancer, you work with your oncologist as primary physician, for like, 3 years) and say "Doc, my feet! god damn. I am dying"

we chat a while, discuss what I have been doing differently, and he says "Charles, you are a fat bastard, and you need to lose weight"

I know this. I started lifting weights last month. I have been walking. I am working to feel better, and it is hurting me.

I thought it was something wrong with the bloodflow, or muscles. He thinks it is all the excercise putting stress on my feet & knees, cause I am fat. 185.

So we decided it would be okay for me to go back on Atkins induction for 3 weeks. See what I can scrape off, drop 20 - 25 lbs. get back to 160-ish.

it should make my feet hurt less.

And I started. wow, it is wierd. I come home, lift weights, go for a walk, then eat sausage & cheese and drink lots of water.

I've only started, and definitely not in keytosis yet, but i am already having more energy, and can tell what I should not be eating.

it's wierd, like after divorce, when I was living with doug. Come home, excercise, meditate, eat, rest. I have wierd flashbacks. but in general, I am feeling better

maybe I will get all buffed up, and Sara will get jealous when hot wimmen are whistling at me and making indecent offers.

wait, that won't happen. LMAO!

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