Sunday, February 27, 2005

Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I remember that phrase from my childhood. It was what Superman fought for, and what we all wanted as kids.

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet.

Yep, All American.

I remember when it MEANT something to be American. You were a citizen of the GREATEST country in the world. You could do amazing things other countries couldn't. And you were FREE.

Freedom that had been bought and paid for with blood and tears of our fighting men & women.


You gotta carry ID, and we are treated like a third world country. Go to an airport anytime lately? Security is a damned joke.

We are giving up our rights and freedoms for some stupid illusion of safety. Who is gonna keep you safe? The Government? Hey, I doubt it.

I was reading an article about John Gilmore, who refused to give his ID, and can no longer travel in the US.

This is BS.

So it makes me think, who is really fighting for our freedoms? I don't mean Militia style. UFO's coming down, etc. etc. I don't mean all the stinkey hippies getting paid to protest.

Freedom Forum

there are probably more, but I am tossing some money at the EFF. They have been fighting stupidity for a long time. They have been trying to stop meddling. Ashcroft is gone. but there are some ridiculous things going on

Thomas Jefferson would be spinning. Thompson couldn't take it anymore. I am getting irritated.

Okay, we want happier news? 173 this morning! I am shedding the weight. it is a good thing.

Sara spent the weekend in Tahoe, I hope to see her tonight.

I got a stereo put in the sprinter.

i got no more ideas.

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