Wednesday, March 30, 2005

six MILLION dollar tent.

The city of San Jose has just won my daily award for biggest collection of dumbasses around.

They are buying a six MILLION dollar tent, to enlarge the existing worthless, overpriced convention center. The tent should last ten years and be 80,000 sq feet. It will first be used to house eBay's convention this june. $6mil. you could buy a lot of crap on eBay for 6 mil.

Okay, color me giddy, but I think for six MILLION dollars they could build the biggest pole barn/rodeo grounds ever. In the middle of downtown.

No, it's wacky Californians, they are gonna spend it on a tent? a FUCKING TENT!

stop the city, let me out. this is blinkard philistine pig ignorance. And I am payin the taxes to make it happen.

Yep. San Jose is lame-ola on the aesthetic front. And the culture front. And the nightlife front. And, oh, pretty much everything.
That's why I don't live there no mo'. think YOU have troubles... over in england we built a glorified tent for the millenium celebrations...and the damn thing is costing millions to just maintain empty.... wanna make an offer..? as for me...well I'm off to have my backside bleached.... heh heh heh
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