Tuesday, March 01, 2005

today is silly busy at work. But I did hear from a college pal who was very dear to me, that I'd lost touch with. So that's great. I'm waiting to hear about her kids and family!!!!

Oh, and I am wearing my new A.A. Roedl polartec fleece pullover, thanks to Sara's folks. I am nice & warm in the office.

links, just links

what is the BEST way to Eat Sushi? At Todai of course. But if you can't do that, well, off a semi nekkid chick is pretty cool too.

Build a TV Typewriter, for all you retro hackers

Wanna know what hip hop is? ask some of these guys. they are old now.

Okay, I really think many doctors are out there, but this fella made a web site of tome of the things that SHOULD cause you to question the profession. See the Museum! Mavel at the devices! Wonder at who would shove these things in their Keister????

punk rock gear for your pals punk rock kids

uhh, Snake in the Hopper! reminiscent of the possum in the toilet on the Oertli Lane house in Austin. When Brave Brave Jim Queen the roommate saved us all with a pocket fisherman, trash can, and his nerves of steel.

old foreign ads for computers. Can you find Isaac Asimov in the Radio Shack Commercials?

If you are gonna do porn wannabe pix, take the photos of your kids out of the background.

gosh I miss Austin

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