Saturday, April 09, 2005

Friday Night:

We wandered around Bourbon Street, the key is to drink as much as you reasonably can, stand on balconies, and watch girls bare their chests for plastic trinkets. Wow. Beads = boobs? Weird.

Sara was on a mission, she wanted to find me a cow spotted cowboy hat. They seem to retail for $20, she wanted to see $10, ended up at $15. She is the shark.

Sherry arrived late, but called. I walked back to the hotel, swapped shoes, met Sherry, wandered back to Bourbon to see everyone else. Sherry warned me. NO Lucky Dog. They don’t call it dog for nothing.

Found Kate, Greg & Sara, and walked back to a bar called the Dungeon. Paid to get in, had a drink, it was very loud but cool. Kate and I were about to pass out from tiredness. We wandered back to the hotels, and slept.

Saturday morning:

Wake at 8:40am, meet Sherry in the Lobby, walk to Café Beignet on Royal for the voodoo tour. Greg & Kate slept in. We wandered the walking tour, less voodoo, more new Orleans history. Cool. Churches, Storyville, then the above ground cemetery. Apparently, if the water table is high, coffins pop back up out of the ground, so you build tombs. Leave the dead in the coffin in a tomb for a year and a day (passing at least one summer) the body rots and cooks, open the tomb a year and day later, dump the remains of the coffin, push it in the back, off a ledge, down into a pit with the rest of the family, and ready for the next one.

Stopped at Marie Leveaux voodoo queen tomb, Sherry made offerings, and out of the cemetery to Congo Square park.

End of tour at Princess Miriam Williams Voodoo Cultural Center. The Priestess latched on to Sara, and told her some interesting things. Build Confidence, gain Confidants. It was pretty cool. Also to get outside more. I dunno, I think Sara figgered it all hocus pocus.

Then found Kate & Greg at the Jax Brewery Mall, wandered, had lunch at Old New Orleans Eatery, or something like that. Yummy catfish, Sara had A2Fay, walked back to Bourbon, bought trinkets, had ice cream, wandered to perfume shop on Royal for Sherry, then back to Decatur along the river for tourist bits for Greg & Kate,

Dropped them at Canal Street, walked to our hotel to rest. Will meet them at 6:30 for dinner.

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