Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I dropped the Sprinter off with Jesse at Happy Vans this morning. After our weekend at the races, I have a much better idea of what needs to be built.

Overhead Shelf: more package space above my head. He'll put in a thin shelf above the passenger and driver, running the width of the van. This will be great for small items, clothes, snacks, etc. with a 12v power outlet in the center above the mirror. You know, for the radar detector, so I don't have snakey cords everywhere.

Rear Shelves: Heavyweight folding shelves that run the length of the cargo compartment. These will fold up when not in use, then out as shelves, so I can put 3 plastic packing tubs on each shelf. So I can carry 6 large tubs, overhead, above the motorcycles, and out of the way. This will be great for racing supplies, leathers, cookies, etc. one shelf on each side of the van.

Insulate & Carpet: Industrial carpeting over a thin plywood skin, which is over insulation, in the cargo area. This will reduce noise, and cushion the back, Making for much better storage. He will add 'cargo pockets' in the doors and wall, where there is room. It will also keep the back very cool and comfortable.

Still to determine? A possible roof vent in the rear, and possibly pulling out some of the cabin box seat/storage and replacing with 2 fold out jump seats. Generator? side awning?

aren't you forgetting something? Like a built-in, fold out travelbar??????
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