Tuesday, April 26, 2005

my folks just left after a long weekend. It was gret to see them, and spend time with family.

Now, I gotta get the race bike prepped for this weekends roadrace at Sears Point. If I did not sleep for the next 3 days, everything could happen.

My company uses a calendar program to track meetings. I just received an invitation to our Senior Vice Presidents Staff meeting tomorrow at noon. The Agenda reads as follows:

Housekeeping- No offices available in O or N. How should we handle on future offices...some managers have an office but don't meet requirements of 8 or more. (Charles Statman-to give a 10 minute update.)

I just found out I'm delivering a 10 minute presentation to senior staff, ... and I heard it through the meeting scheduler!

EEEK! I gotta get busy with another spoonfull o stress.

Side comments:
Fred, thanks for the call
Will, Sorry about your cat
Simon, hope it gets better, keep taking the anti-biotics
Joe, stop looking at her 'pooter'
Sherry, good advice, will do

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