Friday, April 08, 2005

My main man Matt. 5am. At our house delivering the ride to the airport. You know, you can’t just phone any of your pals and ask for a 5am ride. It is good to have friends.

Got on the flight in San Jose at 6:30am. Out in Houston at noon, with 20 minutes to get the next flight. IN to New Orleans around 3pm, and one wild cab ride from the airport. I will not speculate to heritage other than middle eastern.

Driving a shagged Ford four door in ways that would make Michael Schumacher take note. This guy was on fire. 4 lane drifts, passing on the right shoulder, my favorite was a 65 mph run in traffic across the median ¼ mile AFTER the road split. Sure there were solid white lines and gravel pits, but he had it all under control.

Check into the LaQuinta. No, this one is not next to Dennys.

Walk around the French Quarter. Stop and eat at some café I have already forgotten the name. Back to the hotel for a nap, then 6:45 march to Chartres & Tolouse at some Irish bar, for the Haunted Mystery Walking Tour of the French Quarter. I highly recommend Martha at the 7:30 tour. She was polite and not yelling. We passed about a million more tours, with yelling guides. Yelling? Bad!

Dinner at the Star restaurant on Decatur. We arrived kinda late, and my prime rib was very well done, very NOT medium rare, but it tasted so good, I did not mind.

Back to the hotel to scribble log on, then sleep.

Tomorrow our sisters arrive.


I had crazy dreams last night. Sara wakes up every morning and tells me she had crazy dreams the night before. I rarely dream. Last night I dreamt I got mad at her and left. This is it, we are done, I cannot put up with you any longer, goodbye. She drove away in a red pickup truck that belonged to a handyman helping one of our neighbors. I told you, Crazy Dreams.

We slept late, which was nice, showered, and walked to the Café DuMonde to meet Greg and Kate. They had already eaten, Sara got some Beginets and Coffee to go, and we walked over to the statue.

Behind the Café is a statue of a girl sitting beside a fountain. In 1982 I took a photo of me with my hand on her breast. In 2002 my pal Flash took the same photo. So We revisited statue and did it again.

We all walked through the French Market. Sara bought some cute cheap sunglasses, but does not like them in the sun. Saw fun stuff, got another magnet for my negrobelia collection, then wandered up through town to the hotels. Greg & Kate are staying at the Marriott on Canal, about 2 blocks away from us. We dropped them off, then came back to the LaQuinta on Camp for a rest. Will see how lunch goes. Sherry comes in tonight.

Pre photos og me & creech racin from last weekend. I am on the balck & Red bike, he is on the orange bike, I did beat him. Waiting for Gary Rathers page to come up

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