Sunday, April 17, 2005

no decisions, still thinking, gathering input, etc. Nothing will happen quickly, I am just trying to straighten out my life and consider everything. This is hard.

Today, we rode to help Sara's pal Donna fix her bike. I want to see my friend Rebecca, but she leaves for Italy this week for a while.

So we got home, and I worked on MY projects more.

It seems everything I have is broken, and I am bleeding hunnert dollar bills trying to fix it all.

Insulating the house ~ $4k done, but gotta till August to pay
Sprinter - at Happy Vans. Jesse finished the cargo area, but in the wrong fabric. No truck yet
BSA - sidecar brace arm needs 2.5 inches, and the fuel tank is leaking again. - Ken will help
XR 650 Racebike - building bellypan from fiberglass - just my time
Harley - pooped the transmission, is at shop ~ $700?
Air Compressor - stopped, diagnosis? nothing I can do, $300 for service or $300 new one
GPS - won't turn on. Gotta call Garmin ~ $350 to replace
Welder - out of gas, need to buy more $50 + my time to go to welding place
Hot Tub - out of chlorine, gonna switch to Bromine, have to drain & refill. time & $200 supplies
Yard - Ant Infestation, need to spray - my time
Computer- Firewire card is wrong one, must return to frys - my time

I just do not have enough time or money to get it all done, AND?
My folks are coming Wednesday for Passover. I need to figure out a dinner for all my friends on Friday night so they can meet the family.

I just want to sleep and eat pizza. I have not lifted weights for 4 days, I need to change that monday.

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