Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So, I needed to post something funny, you know, so everyone understands it's not all ashes and darkness.

My sister sent me this. Longview, Texas my home town.

Another reason to be proud of Longview:

Police: Man called 911 when prostitute wanted more money


Friday, April 15, 2005

Authorities believe a Longview man drove to the police department and called 911 on his cell phone after getting into an argument with a woman because she demanded more money after he had just paid her for a sexual favor.

Steven Perry Knight, 50, picked up Keisha LaShaie Boles, 19, near East Marshall Avenue and Texas Street on Tuesday after she flagged him down and asked for a ride to Eden Drive.

Boles, who later told police that she is a prostitute, hopped into the gray Dodge pickup and says the two agreed that she would perform one sex act for $20 and another for $40.

After she finished the $20 act, Boles said Knight changed his mind about the other, but she still wanted the money that had been promised.

Police arrested Knight at 4:10 p.m. Tuesday for prostitution after he changed his story about where he was going when he encountered Boles, who also was arrested for prostitution. She was still in the Gregg County Jail on Thursday.

Knight, who was released from jail Wednesday, told the Longview News-Journal that when Boles offered her services, he pulled into a convenience store and told her to get out of the truck. He said when she told him she needed money, he offered her $20.

Knight also said Boles told him $20 wasn't enough and that she wouldn't move until he gave her more. He says that's when he drove into the police parking lot and dialed 911.

Police say they arrested Knight because he gave conflicting accounts of how he met up with Boles. First he said he was on his way to get his driver's license renewed and that he had just come from the dentist.

His dentist office is on Doctors Circle at Hollybrook and Fourth Street, which is not in the Marshall Avenue vicinity where he picked up Boles. Neither is the Texas Department of Public Safety on Lake Lammond, between Cotton Street and Jaycee Drive.

Knight then changed his story and told the officer he was just driving around killing time when he met her, police said.

With that, I am off. My folks come in tonight for Passover.

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