Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do you ever get so busy you cannot sort out all the tasks? Then it gets kinda overwhelming? I think this happens to many people. Fortunately, some of us deal with it in better ways than others.

The past two weeks have been very hectic. Actually, I feel the pace of life in Silicon Valley is hectic. I am investigating ways to continue to be most effective at my job, while slowing down some, and remembering to live. Folks out here call it "Work Life Balance". Folks in North East Texas call it "Havin a beer with your friends" Maybe a road trip through Texas to see cool things?

Fortunately, I THINK about these things. Other people have different reactions. Sometimes they do things that seem foolish to the rest of us; however, for them, it is the correct action, it is what they need, it is their version of my "slowing down".

On the other hand, some people are just plain stupid. We hope our pal Mr. Darwin gets to them in time, you know, before some nut-bags try to prove creationism, and we all have to rely on the wisdom of Scientific American to keep us even.

At the end of the day, I am just happy to ride my motorcycle home, see my Sara, sit in the hot tub, go to sleep, and dream of the ghost of motorcycles past. (see Joe, I didn't forget you!)

C gets busy and he writes in his blog. Heaven forbid he should talk to me... cuz then i might talk back to him.
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