Sunday, May 15, 2005


yesterday had a lively spin on my 350 India Bullet.

O Jack was behind me on '05 BMW GS 1100. BIG dang bike, but he was toodling, and I was goin fast.

2 miles later, right hand, decreasing radius, downhill turn, I hang off, lean in, WAY overcook the corner, and the footpeg scrapes, then hoikes the bike straight up, spitting me into the left (oncoming) lane. White SUV driver, whomever you are, you are in my prayers of thanks, does not panic, slows, stays in his lane. I pass him on the far left side ditch!

Dirt and gravel everywhere, the front wheel locks, slides, unlocks, 3 distinct times, I footplant once, save it, shift down 2 gears and keep going.

Of course my heart is racing, and if I wore drawers, I would have soilt them. But we keep going.

Stop later and Jack says he did not see anything. big cloud of dust, and me coming back on the road from the ditch.

2 hours later, I am leading to head home, slow down for a left turn, into a reverse "Y" intersection. with gravel in the crotch of the "Y"

lose my mind, turn my head back to look for my pals, front wheel hits the gravel, down I go. I'm okay, my left shin got a bit caught by the pegs, the front fender has a tiny scrape on the lip, but the LEFT footpeg is bent up about 10 degrees.

20 more miles, left turns are a breeze! I have ground clearance!
Rights still scrape and leverage me up.


I am fine, the bike is repaired, i am slow and calm, eeek

Today Sara & I drove to Berkeley. I bought a Honda 175 bike for parts to restore my old racer. Then we met Rebecca & Paul and spent time with them

Then went to Magic Gardens, met Novella Carpenter, who is writing an article sorta about me for the Metro. She gave us some tomato plants Yay!

We all piled into the sprinter, and drove to the Biodiesel fuel station she is a part founder of.

I wanna try a tank, it is supposed to make your motor run cleaner, but who know, I will dilute it with #2 diesel soon, but on the way home, she ran fine

that's all

Oh, and it don't matter who's in Austin, Bob Wills is still the King!

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