Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm back from the track. 2nd Place in Formula Singles! I was moving. It was fun. Waiting for photographs to come out. But, I have been so dang tired, it is not funny.

Sara's DRZ motorcycle battery died this weekend, then she dropped her 929 in a driveway. She is okay, the bike is a little scuffed, she has been thinkiing of selling it, now it may happen.

Still no news on my mental decisions, but I am back to where my brain is spinning and I am thinking about these things.

Last night I dreamed we adopted a pit bull puppy. Maybe it has been long enough that I am almost ready for another dog? RIP Ladybird.

My Honda 175's made it to CA, thanks Beth, and are in my garage. My racer has sat for too long, and needs a bit of work. I think I am going to do a restoration to stock. Then make a race bike that is only a cafe racer, not street legal at all. It will be slow going. I have many other costs and projects.

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