Monday, May 23, 2005

it's a PDF, so you gotta have Acrobat. Then scroll down to the article on the 5th page. It's about ME! If you prefer raw text, here!

It was an okay weekend. Sara went to Rich Oliver's Mystery Camp, and learned to ride dirt bikes well. She was very excited when she got home, so I guess I am in the market for a pair of Yamaha TTR-125s

BUT, I got debts I gotta pay first. (if anyone has a better idea for an online tip jar, like the one now on the right side of this page, please point it out to me)

What else?
I got my CB 175 to run. it is VERY VERY loud.
I went to Dale's 50th birthday party
I watched Goodfellas again
I helped SaraH get her MZ Scorpion to run, it is not loud
I dropped my leathers off with Juan Lindo to put stretch panels in, so I can fit my belly.
I helped Larissa with her EX500, it is a poopy bike, and does not run. .. yet
I watched Napoleon Dynamite again. it's freakin sweet.
I watered the tomatoes
I helped Beth load Flash's salmon poop colored motorcycle and take it away
I worked on the Bellypan for my race bike
I am getting ready for the Sears Point Races this upcoming weekend.
I have a fierce headache

I have it on good authority that Sara's folks will be coming out to visit June 3rd or so. and there may be a steamer trunk full of cookies. This will not help me fit into leathers, but they are great cookies.

I am out of things to whine about. It is great to be alive.

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