Thursday, May 26, 2005

On the way home, Bernard called from Real American. the Harley is sorta ready, he did not rebuild the tranny, said run it 1000 miles, lets drain and inspect again. then he tried to charge me $6 for fluid. I made him take $26 and promise to buy his wife flowers on the way home.

got to my home, worked on the XR

new sprocket is on race bike! woo hoo! dropped from 43 tooth to 40 tooth. Had to drop a link in the chain, and of course, it was just a LEEETLE BEET too long, so I had to break a link out of the chain, and HOPE my gearing is perfect.

bike is cleaned, toolboxes and track spares are loaded in the sprinter.

tomorrow after work I will load a cooler, chairs, food, clothes, leathers, and be packed to jet.

VERY early saturday morning, I'll drive to Sears Point to race.

I am the FIRST race on Sunday morning, so that's like, 10:30? poop

then pack up and see what happens.

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