Friday, June 24, 2005

Countrywide Mortgage Service blows donkey balls. When Sara & I bought our house, our loan was a 2 part loan, to help us avoid PMI, or some such rubbish. Both these loans were then, of curse, sold to mortgage service companies.

The larger loan is 5% fixed 30 year note, with Aurora Loan Services. They have been very good about taking our money on time, and not harassing us.

The smaller loan is an adjustable note with Countrywide Criminal Sons of Bitches Mortgage Service. They have hiked the rate every chance they legally can, and are servicing $70k worth of loan for us.

Last week, I recieved a letter informing me I did not have enough Flood Insurance, and they were going to purchase some on my behalf, and charge me for it.

Pam, my wonderful insurance agent at State Farm called them to say that yes, I did have enough insurance.

Well, she just called me back. Countrywide wants us covered to the mazimum amount allowed in California. And I have to pay $100/year additional.

Countrywide wants me to have $250k flood insurance, even though they only service $77K worth of note.

Aurora is FINE with the amount we have.

Guess what? I am shopping to refinance the $77k, JUST to pull it away from those grubbing vindictive BASTARDS at Countrywide.

yeah, I am pissed. You'd think if you were in business, you would at least TRY to make decisions that keep the customer relationship alive?

Fuck NO, not today! Get every cent you can! And this attitude is about to cost Countrywide MY loan, and I will do everyhting I can to convince any and everyone I know, to screw these weasel bastards.

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