Monday, June 27, 2005

I don't know what it is about airports and travel. Sara said it this morning, "it always sucks to go to the airport"

got on the plane at 7:15am. oversold flight, of course. I have over 80k flyer miles with United, but it is not enough to upgrade.

Get back to my seat, and there is a VERY sad looking older Indian man. His wife was 1 row forward. If I switched seats... damnit. They looked a lot like my pal Vipul's parents. But a little older. Of course I am a sucker.

I sit in a middle seat, in the back of a plane, window seat? woman with tiny bladder, who continues to drink water. at least 6 trips to the pisser! Aisle seat? Asian woman who has the second most fierce farts ever. (The first most fierce, oddly, belong to a lady I used to work with in San Jose)

long flight, lots of up and down, lots of smell, lots of discomfort. How could it be wierder? Apparently, even flying across country, United now SELLS meals. For $5, I can get a lunch box. uhhh, no.

arrive in Dulles, pass some semi local looking, possibly passable restaurants in the terminal. BUT, I need to get to Terminal G, you know, to be SURE I am on time.

Whenever you have to take a shuttle, and it is a bus? be worried.

If you are at Washington DC's Dulles International, The "G" in Terminal G stands for? GHETTO!

No ac, large warm building full of people sweating and waiting. Restaurant? Heck Pecker No, a 'cafe' which is really a newsstand with a few refrigirated cabinets.

I ate $2 worth of a $7.85 turkey sandwich. (will try to upload photo) The bread was actually cardboard I think. So I ditched the bread, and just ate the turkey & cheese, cause that's all it was. No mayo, no musquirt, no nothin. 2 slices of cardboard, 1 sad melted bit of white cheese. I say white, because I do not actually have any idea what flavor it was meant to be, and a wad of pressed turkey bits.

I did set my watch ahead. The computer tells me 1pm, the watch says 4pm. I board at 4:35. Really, what time it is makes no daned difference, the sandwich still sucked! :D

BUT! Last night I was again reminded by my great pal Jack Walshe, "try to be happy, people prefer a happy person"

He is right. Even if there is no WiFi, AC, food or silence, I am Alive! and that is swell. I got Sara, she is wonderful! And I am a motorcycle racer. I should remember nights sleeping under a truck at the track, days without showers, oil, grease, broken bones, etc... and figure, this is merely a tiny blink of time, in the grand scheme of MY life.

Once the flight gets here, and I can board, it should be about 2.5 hours till I can rent a car, drive to the hotel, and get nekkid!

I am hoping for wonderful things related to work in RTP. My Business Group has a large lab there, and we know little about it. If I am lucky, I can come up with a support solution and help them out. If I am REALLY Lucky, I can get someone hired there. And if I am really REALLY lucky? I will get some dinner!

In RTP now, it smells like smoke. My car was upgraded to an Infinity something, nice, but the radio is tuned to all hip hop stations, and I cannot figure out how to work it.

the raddison was probably really nice 12 years ago, but the bed is select comfort, and looks good, and that is all I need

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