Sunday, June 26, 2005

so we went dirt bike riding at Hollister HIlls on Saturday. Phil Douglas, and his daughters Halley & Rachel, helped Sara overcome her fears of going down hill.

by the end of the day? Sara was a champion rider! she was haulin keister, and riding like a pro dirt biker!


we just got back from dinner at Jacks, woo hoo! Dale is a wonderful cook.

Tomorrow I have to work for a week. yuck.

Oh, see that little bar at the top, with google ads? Since no one was filling my donation button tip jar, I put in google ads. If you click through to the ads? I get paid! wild. I don't think it is gonna pay for the parts for the XR race bike, but it can't hurt. I got a broke up Roadracing super Motard Motorcycle. Will hope I can get it fixed in time.

More later

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