Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This just in from my Minister of Information on the French celebration of the 100th aniv of Jules Verne's demise.
The Little Giant in France:

The main website. Note snippets of video. check out all pages.
Created by a street theatre group called Royal de Luxe.
It's going on tour, oddly Burning Man is not listed.

quote from above
"The writer's dreamlike and avant-garde vision will be represented on
stage by the street theatre company "Royal de Luxe" during a large
town parade and four days of festivities in Nantes, from 19 to 22
May, and in Amiens, from 16 to 19 June. The programme enticingly
announces "the Visit of the Sultan of India Atop His Time-Travelling
Elephant". The show will go on tour to Le Havre, in the north of
France, in mid-July, then London in September, wrapping up in
Bilbao, Antwerp and Calais in 2006. In parallel to this, video
director Pierrick Sorin will present a short film on the same theme,
inspired by the gigantic, elephant-shaped steam engine imagined by
Jules Verne in his novel The Steam House."

A few more photos and videos of the spectacle:

This site explained things (in English) and includes some
behind-the-scenes info. A Journal Entry, and more photos.

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