Wednesday, June 08, 2005

where do you get your news from? I don't really read a paper anymore, and while I listen to NPR on mornings I take the truck, I mostly get news on the net.

mostly from my main Yahoo page.

But I wondered, where do YOU get your news from?

Where do I get my news?

Mercury News

Google News


Those three mostly. Sometimes I hit up CNN .
My news from...
My Yahoo Home Page...
MSN Gossip (that's news right?)...
and the Daily Beaver Report (the big hub-bub now? the new home depot and who's going to pay for the stop lights!)
And Charles' Blog!
nytimes and cnn online. NPR in the car in the monring rocks.
Off my Verizon phone while I am on the can, and news radio when I drive
NPR in the car, Google news online. I have also configured my, an account consolidation site that grabs all kinds of accounts from news to financials and refreshes them frequently, to grab news from 5-6 various news sources. Try Yodlee (click on the OnCenter link on the bottom right if you go to the webpage)
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