Sunday, July 17, 2005

9:45am, Thunderhill Raceway. The heat is already stifling. It's very difficult to breathe.

The AFM decision was to start practice at 7am instead of 8, and fight to get 6 races in before the lunch break.

I am in race 7. after lunch. IN the heat.

Oh well, I did go out for practice this morning, ripped out consistent 2:19 laps, which is satisfactory to me.

I plan on layin around, drinking water, panting like a dog, and trying to stay cool till my race.

It has become obvious, I need to spend the money and buy a 10'x10' EZ-UP(tm) shade shelter. My thoughts of an awning on the side of the sprinter are faltering, I think the EZ up gives more shade, it is just more to pack. Oh well, I can find space for it.


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