Thursday, July 14, 2005

DANGER! Gross stuff ahead. MOM, stop reading now

I am at a loss. the Yuppies have done it again, worse than can be imagined.

One of my pals at work brought me a present this morning, as she understood that I would 'get it."

This yuppie company, Urban Accents, sells little jars and cans of CRAP to sad yuppie people who need to make their BMW laden existance just a 'skoosh' more exciting by purchasing 'quality of life' products.

Guess what? Yuppie scum are buying a product called "rimming sugar", do you think they even know what "rimming" is? And in Chocolate? That ventures off the yuppie showroom floor and RIGHT INTO DEPRAVED KINK.

Next thing you know, they'll be selling "tossed Salad dressing" in a bottle. (some people use jelly, some prefer syrup)

I am almost at a loss for words. They also sell basic spices and seasoned salts. I think if they are gonna promote rimming, they should sell toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash gift baskets.

UGH! what is the world coming to? WHAT

okay, enough of that, I have some work to do, then go home and work on the racebike, and pack it up. Saturday I go to Thunderhill for more racing.

it is gonna be HOT in the central valley. HOT I say.

Oh, you're just mad because it doesn't come in bagel dog flavor!
Charles, your just mad because I didn't share my hot Carl's Jr. hamburger.
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