Tuesday, July 19, 2005

financial decisions suck. I have NO clue what I am doing in the stock market, and I need a sense of security.

Anyhow, Cisco may or may not have hit 20.6, where I had a sell order in. So in the next few days, I may or may not recieve a BIG dang check from Smith Barney who manages my Employee Stock Purchase Program.

My plan is to use a block of the money to pay off a BIG FAT chunk of the Sprinter. Which will reduce my monthly payments, reduce the interest I am paying, and reduce the duration of that money owed.

The rest of the money will pay for the Insulation we put in the house (no, no noticeable difference, but I guess there is, I just can't really FEEL it) and to replenish my savings account which I have slowly been draining.

Money sucks. I wish I had a better comprehension of how to make LOTS of it in BIG chunks, that did not involve drugs, guns, dead body disposal, or anything else like that.

OH, I am still farting garlic from the dinner at Louie Cairo's after the races. This is where I will eat every time I go to Thunderhill, it was yummy

saw this rocket scientist on my way into work this morning. lesse, he likes his convertible, according to the license frame, he likes frisbee golf, he wears bifocals over his sunglasses, and? OH, he reads the journal while driving????

Yeah, I drive with the winners out here......

Reminder! Tomorrow, July 20th, is Ride to Work Day. don't forget to ride.


Farting garlic is just SO sexy. NOT !

Hehe !

You will see the financial difference once you put insulation in the house and your PG&E bills go way down. Keep the faith.
Get rid of cars, ride motorcycles.
Solve money and annoying driver in front of you problem, and look sexxxy as hell doing so.
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