Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday. All business was handled on Thursday. Su & Brian & Eileen and I went for Italian food at a joint called “Mama’s” in Chelmsford. It was delicious.

Drove back to Boxborough Ramada, Brian & Su headed home. Eileen & I went to the bar, I had a martini, she had a water, she was beat, no drinks, call it a night.

Great idea. 8:30pm, I go to my room. There is NO WAY I can get to sleep, heck, it’s 5:30pm in San Jose. I log on, do some work, watch some teevee (they have crap for channels at the Holiday in there.) Finally, 11pm, 8pm San Jose time, I go to sleep. I sleep till about 8am- 5am SJ, wakey wakey, wait till 9am, figuring Eileen needs all the rest she can get? Call her room at 9, we pack, checkout and leave.

Work is basically shut down on the east coast. They are making a 3 day weekend into a 4 day weekend. With no one to meet with, the right answer is to bail. We pack the car.

Did I mention when I arrived at oh-dark-hunnert in Boston, the last car was a Ford Explorer? Stupid large. Anyhow, we know the directions. 495 south to 90 east, exit #13 in Nattick for gas, back to 90E to the airport.

Well, there are really TWO exit #13s. We took the first. Not the rest/fuel stop, no, the exit for the town. And ended up at the Nattick shopping mall. No shit. There I am, 10am outside of Boston, going to a shopping mall.

Eileen buys a coffee at some hinkey coffee joint. I decline. We walk some, she wants to stop into a Gap, to see if they have wee small clothes in her size. Apparently all the Azn Girrls in the bay area buy out all the wee small clothes quickly?

Before we get TO the Gap, we see a “Friendly’s” and stop for breakfast. 2 eggs, over easy, bacon, toast & an OJ. Figuring skip the taters, we will have a long wait at Logan.

The waitress, Jenn, I remember her name for some odd reason, probably cause she was a crappy waitress, even by San Jose’s low low standards, took our order, disappeared, and did not return for 10 minutes. Finally came out with some tired looking eggs with lots of brown bits in them.

My buddy OMJ once told me if there are brown bits in the eggs, it’s because the cook did not do a good job cleaning the grill between orders, and you get the little crispy egg parts from the last order.

Oh well, Eileen’s hard poached eggs looked icky. She ate them. I ate mine, Jenn never ever brought jelly for the toast. Or asked if we wanted more drinks? Nah. Finally she walked by, and Eileen shoved her credit card at Jenn. Who took it, walked off, and, well, that was it for a while.

Eileen spotted Jenn approaching the front counter, bolted up and begged for the check, paid, and we left.

My first experience with Friendly’s will be my last. We walked out, looking for a Gap or a toy store for Eileen to buy goodies for her son Ryan. About 100 more yards and we see “Au Bon Pain” and realize CRAP, we could have had something nicer. Oh well, no use crying over eggs with brown bits in them.

Keep on truckin, find the Gap. Eileen is a power shopper, She flits this way and that, spins, looks, acquires and releases. She looks like a huntress on the prowl. Whatever. I don’t shop.

INTERLUDE: I travel, sometimes too much. For the past 4 years, I have been looking for the perfect travel jacket. It should be khaki, linen, wrinkled a little, have lots of pockets, be warm enough to wear on a plane, but light enough to jam into the pocket of my laptop bag. Versatile yet stylish. Unlined. Inexpensive. It should fit me well, it should have sleeves I can cuff, I don’t know why. I’ve come close before, but never found it. I told my darling Sara about this last year before our trip to Ireland. The day I told Sara, we were shopping in a Target, and she found one, on the rack, fit her perfectly, has orange piping on the inside, and I think it was $19. Of course not only did she buy it? She found pants that match. Damn.

Anyhow, back to the Gap. Eileen is darting and dodging, spinning and looking, high and low. It amazes me to watch women shop. They will hold up two identical items of clothing, and say one is darker than the other. I am pretty certain the kids in the Chinese sweatshop did actually get all the cloth from the same bolt, but what the heck do I know?

And out of the corner of my eye, I see a khaki jacket. Next to a seersucker jacket. It looks, nah,.couldn’t be, oh, could be? Maybe? Yep. A Travel jacket. Khaki, Linen, unlined, wrinkled, lots of pockets. And? My mothers favorite four letter word? Well, okay, SECOND favorite four letter word (hee heee, mom curses like a sailor) SALE! It’s on CLEARANCE! Forty NINE dollars and nineteen cents!

I pick it up. I look at all the seams (Sara taught me to do this to make sure it is not torn or something) I check out the weight, the pockets, the wrinkle, the crushability. It LOOKS right. I try it on, the sleeves are too long, I need to cuff them to fit!

But I cannot find any mirrors in this joint. I think they hide them?

Eileen pops around a post in the store, sees me and exclaims “Wow, that looks GREAT on you!”

And folks, there you have it. Looks great on me. Fits. Meets my feel,weight,pocket,crush,unlined qualifications AND is on sale. You know I buy it. No bag thanks, put the receipt in the pocket, I am wearin this one away.

It feels good, and I feel good when I wear it. Like the first time my Uncle Irving and my dad took me to have a suit made. No, not the “off the rack JC Penneys suit, they took me to some schmancy men’s store in Dallas, Texas, about a billion years ago, to get a suit. It was cool, because there were NO women in the store. Only men. Only suits. Put it on, took measurements, they altered it, it fit RIGHT. I can’t remember if it was for college or my first job, but it was COOL. And when I wore that suit, I felt GOOD. You know, like you want to walk, like you are a badass. A good suit gives me the same feeling as a good handgun. If it fits right, feels right, well, you just know, gun or suit, you can blow someone away! You have the Juice.

Well, this jacket. This on sale, I never go to the Gap, but wow Jacket, it gives me that. With this jacket on? I could probably talk someone out of their undergarments if I wanted to.

Well, we’ll see what Sara thinks in a few hours.

Stop by the toy store, Eileen buys Ryan 2 Star Wars Action Figures. Ya know what? They look just like the ones Louis, the kid brother used to buy. Really. The packaging is a little bigger, a little more elaborate, but same stuff. They are dolls folks. Call it what you want, they are dolls.

2 more stores, Eileen does not find anything else, we get in the car and drive to the gas station. ¼ tank of gas? $23 then on to Logan Airport. Drop off the tank, get the shuttle to the airport. Get boarding passes. We are golden. At noon. Our plane boards at 5.

We sit. I log on to wireless, and do some work. Employee Reviews are big suck. It’s just a way for HR to justify their existence. Sorry, true. Eileen books a dog sitter in San Jose for her vacation next week.

Around 1:30, we are HONGRY. I want some Skrimps. Legal Seafood? Clam chowder. REALLY yummy. And skrimps. Yum. We sit, we chat, we take a LONG time. Then leave

Shamble through security. The xray guy says to Eileen “Star Wars Action Figures, I think a princess and a storm trooper.” He is correct, she is amazed. I just wanna get on the damn plane.

Up to the gate, sit, log back in, do some more work. Eileen chats with a lady about knitting. Finally, board the plane. Which runs late. Watch Miss Congeniality TWO. Well, as I say to Sara, there’s an hour and 45 minutes I will NEVER get back. Sandy reminds me of two things. She dates boys my pal Missy left behind, and she is almost as pretty as Karen. (who is married and working on a family now)

The plane lands at? 7:45. Our connection to San Jose boards at? Yeah, 7:45. sprint 4 gates down, and the door is closed. CRAP, did we miss it?

Nope. One of the waitresses showed up late. So they held the flight. Did we have time? Yeah. We get Quiznos subs to go. I do not recall ever having a quiznos sub. More about that later. Then we stop at a chocolate place, Eileen gets some dark chocolates. I see they have “reception sticks” which REALLY look like a big bag of multicolored Pocky. Sara loves Pocky! I got her a gift, will know if she likes when we get home.

Back to the gate, and no, no waitress. I know, I know, they are not called, NO, you are wrong. You show up late and hold a flight of travelers? You are not a professional, you are a fuckin waitress. And not even a good one.

She finally arrives. Walks in like she is princess, and finally we board. Take off late. Eileen and I are starving. But I wait for the plane to get in the air, before I open my now cold sammich. Which I wash down with now warm tea. Cold Quiznos Smoked Turkey tastes like? Well, cheesy soggy bread wrapped around lettuce and tomatoes. I swear, no flavor. None, nada, nothing, zip zero zilch. I did see they had sauces and peppers at the bar at the end of the counter, but we did not have time, so my sammich was cold, and tasted like ass. I am not gonna hold that against them. They did not cause the flight to be late.

We are headed to san jose. The battery is about to die. Our estimated arrival is 10pm. I know Sara wants to go dirt bike riding, I just want to sleep.

More later

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