Friday, July 29, 2005

i went to court

1:30pm. Court. Commissioner/Judge arrived at 2:25. I was called at 3. I cannot take traffic school, and this is ONLY an arraignment?

this is BULLSHIT

Now I have 2nd court date, same building, same room, Sept 6th? This will go on forever

Sara's sister Kate is trying to get her dog voted best dog.
If you have free time, please bop over and vote for Kate & Greg's
pooch Porter. According to Kate:

There's lots of Boxer Babies on here, but there's only
one true cutie patootie! I'm on Page 19 and #448...I've got
my big old bone in my mouth and trying to smile.

So you click the link, then you see the page numbers at
the bottom, click 19, then click her dog, #448, and I think that is it

My picture has been moved! Please go to picture #428 page 18 not 448 page 19. Thanx, Porter
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