Sunday, July 17, 2005

it is truly a million degrees here.

the moment I put on my helmet and gloves for my race, the cell phone rang, it was my folks, I tried to answer, but service at the track blows.

So I hope it was not important.

got helmet back on, went out to race.

my pal Greg Creech who helped me last race was in full force. he wanted the win. My goal? to keep it from him

it was too hot. My strategy was simple. follow him, keep him a tire length away, show him my wheel every so often to rattle him, then on the last lap, pass him and run away

i followed him, on the 2nd lap, I drag raced him down the straight, and showed him a wheel, he ran wide, to pinch me off on the outside. No problem, I rolled off a little, we were playing a game.

Pretty much followed him and learned where he was fast and where he wasn't. then he got around 2 Yamaha FZRs that were in the class ahead of us. One of them was my pal Gwyn Lewis. She is ultra cool, and has crashed pretty hard before. I did not want to contribute to another. SO, I backed off a little. 3 turns later, Greg was opening a gap, so I passed Gwyn and another guy HARD, on the outside, and spent the next lap catching Greg.

Last lap, drag down the straight, next to him, turn 2 & 3 was where I planned to pass, but could not quite make it stick. Turn 5 is where I crashed last time, so I tiptoed through that one.

6, 7, 8 are all WFO turns, so I was right on Greg. I know he is faster in 9, 10, so I followed him, right on his tire.

Last turn coming onto the straight for the checker?

I am next to him, running down the straight. I tuck behind him, draft for a few seconds, then pull out and pass him before the checker, so he saw it, I made a little space, and decicively won..... 2nd place.

I waved, he gave me the finger, but I think in a freindly way

it was fun.

got in, got out of my leathers, walked, in the heat, to Gwyn's pit to apologize for the pass, then back to my pits. Load the truck. Speak with Phil & Halley, decide to stay for his race, and then dinner.

So I go to the shower, take a cold shower, YAY, cool off, go back to truck, change clothes, and write this

next stop? nap

then drive to dinner.

then home

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