Friday, July 08, 2005

it never really stops. I got home last weekend, slept, then my pals Joe & Chris arrived from Texas. We have been going out and having fun, and riding and eating, and OH CRAP, I need a rest so bad.

Got the shock & radiator from Phil, my XR650 is back up and running. So I rode it all over the bay area.

Got some work done

Got the GPS back from Garmin, it does not connect to the computer, so it is going BACK to Garmin for more repair

did I mention I am tired?

Joe changed the timing belt on Sara's Festiva. I helped

He now wears size Large shirts. I wear XL. Joe is skinnier than I am. crap

My god, I do not know when I will be able to get to texas to pick up my stove, or remodel the house, or go for my moms birthday, or make anything happen

work wants to send me to Israel. But swe don't know when. Then back to india, but dunno when

Did I mention I am tired?

Maybe if I started takinf drugs?

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